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AMP Up Health
provides Health Education programs designed to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Custom-designed presentations and interactive workshops bring wellness topics to life for individuals or for your business.

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Contact me to discuss your class or workshop goals - we will plan a customized class or multi-class program to excite your attendees!

Your Fitness Workout

AMP Up Health of Maryland - Fitness and Exercise ClassesYour body can be rejuvenated, regain your vigor and vitality, strength and flexibility. Review health history, fitness assessment, exercise prescription and set specific goals.  Design your workout geared toward your specific needs and goals. Include aerobic workout, weight training, abdominal and stretching exercises.

Healthy Backs for Life

Approximately 80% of Americans experience back pain at some time in their life. Unless they make changes, there is 68% chance of recurring back pain or  injury.  Learn how good posture and proper lifting techniques can alleviate back pain. Practice stretching and exercises to improve flexibility and strength. Review relaxation techniques to relieve stress to decrease back tension and increase your energy level.


When you are healthy and pain free you can enjoy a better quality of life, either at work and at home.  Learn to arrange your work-station to fit your needs and increased productivity.  Make simple modifications to your wok space - adjust desk, chair and lighting for comfort and increased job satisfaction.  Learn easy exercises to reduce muscle tension and the effects of stress.

Biomarkers of Aging

Research proves that aging is not an irreversible process – that one can respond dynamically to exercise and healthy eating. Learn to recognize the ten physiological factors associated with aging. These biomarkers are controllable, regardless of your age or present health. You can double your energy and feel fantastic – for a lifetime.