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AMP Up Health
provides Health Education programs designed to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Custom-designed presentations and interactive workshops bring wellness topics to life for individuals or for your business.

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Transform Your Stress into Power

AMP Up Health of Maryland - Healthy Habits, Fitness, and Stress ReductionLearn how to focus and turn up your energy Find out how stressors affect you psychologically and physiologically. Discover effective techniques to handle immediate stress, improve concentration and enhance self-awareness.  Topics include: deep breathing and visualization, positive self-talk, mindfulness, communication skills and time management.

Time Management

Time management skills are essential for professional success in the workplace and personal life. Successfully implementing time management strategies enables you to control your workload and personal productivity soars.  Learn goal setting, prioritizing, urgent/important matrix, planning meetings, motivation, , crisis management, delegating and cognitive interruptis.

Enhance Your Communications Skills

One of the best assets you can bring to your career position is effective communication skills.  When you modify the way you communicate, you can improve your quality of life and your work.  Learn to focus on specific skills: effective listening, assertive communication, negotiation and positive self-talk.

Balancing Act

Go from busy to balanced - balance work, family, friends, recreation and self.  Guidelines to organize and control your life into harmony and  tranquility. Use prioritizing, time management and set realistic goals while balancing your values.

Smoking Cessation

Learn strategies and alternative coping skills to stop smoking habit.  Learn three ways you are addicted to cigarettes/smoking – chemical, habitual and psychological.  Information and support for handling withdrawal symptoms.