Do you want to AMP Up your Health?

Three easy steps:

1) Activity Increase 2) Manage Stress 3) Plan Meals

Attend AMP Up Health Wellness Workshops and Health Classes to increase in your energy and stamina!  AMP Up Health provides integrated Health Education programs designed to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Custom-designed presentations and interactive workshops bring wellness topics to life for individuals or for your business.  Schedule Lunch and Learn classes or One-on-One Consultation and Personal Training.

  • Nutritional Foods are one of life's greatest pleasures... learn to make healthy food choices with strategies that fit your lifestyle.
  • Stress Reduction helps you to focus on what brings purpose and meaning to your life, promoting spiritual health.
  • Fitness is the key to longevity, increases energy, maintains healthy weight, and improves overall health and wellness.
  • One-On-One Consultations will help you to gradually modify your lifestyle behaviors and health habits.

AMP Up Health of Maryland - Fitness and Exercise Classes

Up to 70% of health care costs are caused by lifestyle habits:

Poor Eating | Inactivity | Stress
Tobacco Use | Alcohol & Drug Use

Modify lifestyle habits to improve your health. Classes are designed to motivate attendees to achieve positive behavior changes!

Our Classes & Workshops



Healthy food choices with strategies that fit your lifestyle... LEARN MORE


Stress Reduction

Achieve spiritual health by reducing and eliminating stress... LEARN MORE



Maintain a healthy weight while increasing your energy and focus... LEARN MORE


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